Time Travel Is Possible: Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan

Pinch me! Was I really there? Did I travel ‘Somewhere In Time’? Pun intended.

I have to thank my dear friends Kendra and Tim Weiler for bringing me to Mackinac Island to finally see and step on the grounds of the majestic Grand Hotel.  And also, for being my own personal tour guides since they have grown up in and around this part of Michigan.  xoxo

I smile just looking at these photos now knowing I was there! I had been dreaming of coming here (you probably guessed it), since I fell in love with the movie ‘Somewhere In Time’ starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves…that was almost exactly 37 years ago, October 3, 1980 when the movie first debuted.

(Spoiler Alert!) Standing there looking up towards the Grand Hotel, I could just imagine Elise McKenna sadly walking on the grounds after she thought Richard Collier didn’t wait for her and had left her behind, when she suddenly looks up towards the balcony and sees him and she yells out “RICHARD!!!!!”,  “RICHARD!!!!”.  It was kind of a surreal moment. I love that movie!

We enjoyed a nice leisurely stroll around the grounds of the hotel and then headed up to the hotel’s ice-cream parlor “Sadie’s”. (I tried the toasted coconut and the fresh strawberry ice-cream…so yummy.)  It is the only part of the hotel visitors are allowed in unless you pay a $10 admission fee to enter the hotel lobby or if you are a guest at the hotel. I opted not to see the lobby, as I still dream to come back ‘Someday In Time’ and stay at the hotel and enjoy it for all it’s grandeur.













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