Georgia On My Mind: Welcome to Chateau Meichtry Family Winery and Vineyards, Talking Rock, Georgia.

Nestled in the foothills of the Northern Georgia Mountains between the towns of Ellijay and Jasper,  you will find the quaint and charming Chateau Meichtry Family Winery and Vineyards in Talking Rock, the third smallest town in the state of Georgia.

A long weekend to visit with friends (that are family), Olgie, Armando and Macho (the Best Behaved Dog in the World), Nina and Rocky,  lead us to spend a beautiful spring day in Talking Rock and Chateau Meichtry, a family owned winery and vineyards.

We arrived around 11 and the winery had just opened for the day and only a couple of folks were sitting in the patio area enjoying their glasses of wine. (Hey! It’s wine o’clock somewhere, might as well be here.)  We were greeted by Karin McNeill’s (the proprietor) son (I am sorry, his name escapes me), who had been pruning the vines around the grounds and talked to us for a bit about the property.  Since there were not that many folks around (yet), I took advantage of the quite time to walk around the vineyards and take photographs.

After photographing outside for a little while I worked my way to the tasting room. As I was looking over the wine list, my friend Olgie walked over with Karin McNeill (the proprietor) and we were introduced.

Now it was time to put the wines to the test.  I tried 3 whites, 2 reds.  After tasting my samples, I chose the ‘Golden Harvest’ as my favorite. I tend to gravitate toward semi-sweet white wine (Kionna Reisling, Washington State is my all time favorite), the Golden Harvest was a bit sweeter than what I usually have, but the flavor was phenomenal! My taste buds were in heaven!

There’s a funny fried chicken story that happened after that, but, that’s a story for another day. LOL

We met this really nice group of ladies from Atlanta that day, as well.  We talked, we drank wine and listen to live music. Just an all around great day, except….

Ending the day on the Right Foot: And of course my day would not  be complete without some type of little mishap happening to me.  Since I wore sandals on this beautiful 80 degree spring day and I did not want to get my feet all dirty, I was trying to be careful to watch my step as I was walking along the fence line to photograph the cows grazing in the pasture.  I was stepping on these dry patches of dirt that seemed to be a bit sandy looking. As I go to step on what I thought was one of these patches, my right foot completely sunk in! Only to discover I had stepped in a large ant hill disguised as one of those dry patches of light-colored dirt full of black ants (thank goodness they weren’t red ants). Did I mention I was wearing sandals?! I reacted as quickly as I could to get the ants off my foot, but, those little suckers are fast and bite hard!  I managed to only sustain 6 bites, but, 6 was enough to keep me up that night because my foot was on fire from the itch.  🙂4W4A2912

Welcome to Chateau Meichtry Family Winery and Vineyards, Talking Rock, Georgia.




They also conduct tours of the wine cellars in the McNeill’s family home also located on the property of the vineyards.4W4A2779

In 1921, at the age of 25, Stephan Meichtry came to America from Valias, Switzerland with only a suit case and an adventure for life. It is believed he brought root stock with him from Switzerland. He settled in Maspeth, Queens NY where he grew his first grapes on the roof of his house in Maspeth during the great depression. Stephan passed in 1989.  In 2007, Karin McNeill, his granddaughter visited the home site and took a clipping from the vine that was planted in the 1920’s by her grandfather which are the photographs you see here.







Portrait of Stephan “Papa” Meichtry hangs above the fireplace in the tasting room.4W4A2810




Budding Grapes4W4A2747






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