“Unofficial” Starve Rock Photography Club: Spring 2017 – Waterfalls and Wildflowers – Matthiessen State Park

Matthiessen State Park, Oglesby, Illinois


Bokeh spots were created by the water spray on the lens.4W4A14494W4A14464W4A1470

Mystery Man4W4A14944W4A14874W4A14864W4A1474

Bokeh background is actually rushing water.4W4A1477-Edit4W4A15114W4A15034W4A15124W4A15154W4A15244W4A15464W4A15534W4A15584W4A1564

Bloodroot Flower4W4A15664W4A15674W4A1568

Playing with texture layering.4W4A1569-Edit4W4A1569

White Marsh Marigold4W4A15734W4A15764W4A15914W4A1594

Dutchman’s Breeches4W4A1596

Toothwort Flower4W4A1604

Matthiessen State Park Dam4W4A1599

Welcome Committee 🙂4W4A1433

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