Mother Nature Says “April Fool!” – A Walk On Old Plank Road Trail, Frankfort, Illinois

After a week’s worth of on and off rain and no sun, today was a much needed break to head outside for a hike with my camera.  I headed over to Old Plank Road Trail in Frankfort, Illinois  (a favorite spot of mine for long, long, long walks). I was hoping to find some spring gems (a.k.a. wildflowers) along my way, but, sad to say…I was a bit overzealous in my hopes.  Mother Nature said “April Fool!”.  The only (and I mean only) wildflowers I was able to find were the Siberian Squill (Scilla Siberia) ‘Spring Beauty’. I was excited to spot a few patches of these bright bluish purple wildflowers. Next to the first early spring bloomers that everyone recognizes, Snowdrops, the Spring Beauty follows right behind, blooming in early April through May.

Lots of Red Birds, Savannah Sparrows, Robins, and Red Winged Blackbirds were also spotted along my 5 mile walk.  There was even a hawk that swooped down right in front of me (but not to attack me…thank goodness for that! And you all know I do have a history of birds attacking me.) 😦

It got a little chilly towards the end of my walk as the temps started to drop, but, it still ended up to be a pleasant afternoon outdoors despite Mother Nature’s joke on me and all those terribly wonderful distractions I had to deal with along the way. 🙂

‘Spring Beauty’ Siberian Squill (Scilla Siberica)4W4A1079-Edit (The blur in this photo was caused by the windy conditions.)4W4A1102

Savannah Sparrow (has the sweetest sounding chirp).4W4A1132-Edit

Nestled Among The Branches4W4A1270

Female Cardinal4W4A1183

Male Cardinal In Flight4W4A1234

Male Cardinals4W4A12764W4A1240


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