Spring Awakening: The Chicago Botanic Garden – Orchid Show 2017

For weeks I had been anxiously waiting to visit the Chicago Botanic Garden’s  annual orchid show for the first time ever and finally was able to make it out to Glencoe, Illinois last weekend.

I had made arrangements with my friend and fellow photographer enthusiast, Tamara, for a super early start to our day (I find early morning is best to enjoy popular public places like this before the crowds start to file in), so I was up and at it at the crack of dawn. Tamara and I met up in Tinley Park (half way point for the both of us) by 7:00am to head on out to Glencoe. Since it was an early Sunday morning and very little traffic, we made great time and arrived at the Chicago Botanic Garden by 7:45am.

It was still a bit chilly (in the 30’s) and windy that morning, but, the skies were clear and the sun was gleaming brightly as we set out to trek and photograph the gardens for a couple of hours prior to attending the Orchid show, which, did not open until 10:00am. With Spring slowly awakening from its mild winter slumber, it felt amazing knowing winter was over and warmer weather is near by.



The bell tower chimed in to let us know it was 10:00am and it was time to entire the orchid show.  I can not tell you how amazing it was to see and have all those thousands of orchids surrounding us.  Orchids are near and dear to my heart…my Mom’s garden in Puerto Rico always had orchids (and still does). Orchids, along with hummingbirds, always evoke memories of my Mami, so it makes it seem as if she is always near me.

Tamara and I spent hours that day exploring, examining and photographing the orchids until our energy ran out.  We finally called it a wrap around 3pm to head back home.

When all was said and done that day, I had taken over 700 photographs.  It took some time to view, sort, choose and post process these photos. No worries…I am not posting all 700 photos here, but I chose the ones that stood out the most to me (about 60) and that you might enjoy seeing.  I also tried to group the orchids by color for ease of viewing.  Keeping scrolling on this post and you see all my photos.

Looking forward to another visit to the gardens this spring. – Alicia

The Orchid Show 2017:


In a nod to the world of haute couture (Fendi and Dior are among the fashion houses that have embraced orchids), three teams of Garden designers and horticulturists have created “dresses” made of fresh orchids.




Shades of White4W4A03504W4A04724W4A04984W4A0217

Shades of Orange and Red4W4A06784W4A02514W4A06134W4A0180


Shades of Vibrant Pink4W4A02964W4A06544W4A03044W4A05134W4A05104W4A05054W4A03344W4A0333

Shades of Yellow4W4A02484W4A02454W4A01434W4A0141

Shades of  Pale Pink4W4A01674W4A02644W4A05444W4A05424W4A0686


Shades of Lavender and Vibrant Purple4W4A06804W4A05484W4A05384W4A05184W4A01964W4A0571





LADY SLIPPER ORCHIDS4W4A01704W4A06934W4A06894W4A04784W4A03434W4A03174W4A0158

2 thoughts on “Spring Awakening: The Chicago Botanic Garden – Orchid Show 2017

  1. Breathing shots. Thanks so much! I didn’t take many photos due to crowds, but I love your shots. Great composition. Thanks for posting, I’m sharing with a friend too. Enjoy spring! Look forward to our next walk.

    Liked by 1 person

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