“Unofficial” Starve Rock Photography Club: February 26, 2017

Yet another beautiful February day in the Midwest for our monthly photo club meet at Starve Rock State Park. Boy!…am I sore today, but as always, a fun time (even with the little spill I took in the mud on our way to St. Louis Canyon.)

This month we hiked to the Aurora Canyon first and then to St. Louis Canyon, then trekked it back to the lodge to view the photo contest entries and winners and finally enjoyed a nice lunch, conversation and laughter with the club members. Here are few of my photographs from yesterday.

Winter Surviver – Viburnum Petals4w4a8871-edit

Downy Woodpecker4w4a8794-edit

Sun Kissed – Aurora Canyon 4w4a8814

Lingering Signs of Winter – St. Louis Canyon4w4a8910

St. Louis Canyon4w4a8922

Looking Up – St. Louis Canyon4w4a8934

“Music comes from an icicle as it melts, to live again as spring water.”- Henry Williamson4w4a8950

White Pelicans – Along Rt. 71 near Ottawa, Illinois 4w4a8989-edit-2

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