Spring’s Color Fest: Gibbs Gardens| Ball Ground, Georgia

With the arrival of Spring almost here, I thought it would be a good time to post some of my photographs of spring blooms to remind us of what is waiting for us just around the corner.

The first time I visited Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground, Georgia it was at the tale end of summer 2015. I remember this feeling I experienced walking through the gardens, as if I had just stepped into a world where fairies do exist. This magical world of flowers and trees almost seemed surreal, these gardens that span over 220 acres and are composed of 16 gardens near the north Georgia mountains.  I suspect most folks feel the same way when visiting Gibbs Gardens.

Last April, I was able to visit the gardens again during its Spring awakening and in time for the Azalea and Fern Dell Color Fest. These photographs were taken during that visit.  Enjoy!


Strawberry Ice Cream Columbine4w4a7702

Pink Petticoat Columbine4w4a7708

Spanish Bluebells4w4a7709

Yellow Poppy4w4a7619-2

Pee Gee Hydrangea Tree4w4a7613

Nannyberry Viburnum4w4a7638

(I was not able to identify this unusual, but, interesting looking plant)4w4a7651

Arnold Piper Rhododendron4w4a7657

George Lindley Tabor Azalea4w4a7658

Japanese Painted Fern4w4a7667

(unable to identify)4w4a7685


Japanese Maple Tree4w4a7621

Philadelphia Fleabane4w4a7715

White Lights Deciduous Azalea4w4a7767

Swamp Azalea4w4a7642-2


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