The Dark Side Clouds Everything. Impossible To See The Future Is. – Yoda


A little Star Wars’ quote to go along with tonight’s moon phase as its “dark side” faces Earth. (Get it!) LOL  I know…comedy is not my strong point.  So I’ll leave the jokes to the comedians.  But here’s a little info about tonight’s moon.

Tonight – July 18, 2016 – Moon’s Dark Side Faces Earth

See if you can make out the dark areas on tonight’s all-but-full waxing gibbous moon. These smooth, low-lying lunar plains are called maria, the plural for the word mare), the Latin word for sea. You should be able to see the darkened portions on the moon with the eye alone.

Strange as it may seem, the moon’s dark side is its near side. By that we mean the near side of the moon reflects less light – due to a collection of dark, low-lying lunar plains that are the solidified remnants of ancient seas of molten magma.



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