Mink64 – The Influence of Fashion & Repurposed Home Goods

On Friday morning, on a whim, I decided to take a quick drive to the “Square” in Crown Point. I parked my car down the street from Chemshaw’s Donutz and Comics, where I was headed to treat myself to a donut (for National Donut Day…of course) and a cup of coffee.  As I began walking down the street this shop caught my eye. As I am a lover of all things neutral in color or lack of color if you will, I told myself I would pop in on my way back from having my donut and coffee.  And that is exactly what I did.

I didn’t know where to begin once I stepped inside the shop. I just so happen to have my camera with me (image that) and the co-shop owner of Mink64, Kristen La Rocca, was so kind to allow me to take some photographs of her shop.  Kristen and her mom, MJ Poracky are in business together. The shop is actually 2 businesses under 1 roof. If you are ever in the “Square” stop in at Mink64.  They carry a wide variety of pieces from clothes, jewelry, repurposed home goods and even paint. The price point is so affordable. And, let’s just say I didn’t leave empty-handed.


Mink is located at 120 S. Main Street. Crown Point. Indiana 46307

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